Whitmore shuts down tribal officials

The Hannahville Indian Community Tribal Government succumbed to the will of the state of Michigan and decided to reopen the tribal economy in six more days. Initial indications are Governor Whitmore threatened police action against Michigan residents who may support the tribal casino with their patronage. Tribal officials apparently agreed to change its plans and wait for an additional six more days. The purpose of this decision may be more politically driven than a health driven need to protect the public.

Island Resort and Casino

As tribal members conintue to wait for crucial services to be restored tribal, state and federal government officials continue to collect massive payroll checks to support their families and friends while the tribal member population wait to secure employment. This employment merely provides a poverty wage earning and many continue to suffer with depression and suicide. A much greater disease that afflicts many Indian people.

Tribal members will surely be denied the one small “per cap” payment of 400 dollars a month while tribal government has spent between 1 to 5 million in payroll investment dollars with no return for tribal members in the past few months, most of which are not tribal members. When will this stop? The Tribal Chairman and Governor Whitmore are out of touch with reality. All they have done is further damage the little income tribal members receive to pay their light bills.

The wealthy and elite can not possibly comprehend how they are ruining the future of many over a media hyped cold while depression and suicide remain one of the largest contributors to health problems in this community.

Per Cap will be eliminated in the near future.

Will these leaders contribute their payroll to an emergency assistance programs to feed and house tribal member children later? Per cap is surely destined for elimination soon.

Cultural Grounds on the Hannahville Indian Reservation

3 thoughts on “Whitmore shuts down tribal officials

  1. I am certainly going to remember Whitmer’s actions when she is next on a ballot. Will tribal members remember the actions of their board?


  2. I am from the U.P. My grandfather and mother are members of a Michigan tribe. I have grown up around reservations most of my life. I was always taught traditional “Indian” ways. What “White”governor Whitmore and “White” Attorney General Nessel is doing to the “Tribes” is racist! Playing favorites with businesses (Auto Industry”). Threatened tribal sovereignty by declaring to go after your patrons is wrong. What is she going to do…pull everyone over entering the casinos and “Racial profile “? Traditionally tribes “Adopt” members. Everyone entering the casinos are Honorary members ” of the tribe! I speak our language, I hunt (Trail, reading sign) traditionally, as taught by my grandfather, I am “Anashnabe!”


    P.S. I would go to any casino if they opened!


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